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Our success has fuelled our ambition and we want to ensure equitable access to our programs. We are currently having to turn away 30-40 families each term due to not having the financial resources to expand our program. We know our programs work and out of respect for family financial pressures, we provide our services for free but are only able to do this through the support of sponsors and donations. 

Become a sponsor

We love to develop long term partnerships with companies that share our vision and are committed to changing children’s lives through the power of sport, building pathways for inclusion learning and social integration

How the program works:

We NEED YOU! By accepting the invitation to partner with us, YOU will help bridge the gap between aspiration and reality and make the difference to the lives of these children and their families.

Help set up a new location, cover equipment costs,children’s jerseys, coaching wages and court hire for 1 term. Will support 6 children.
$ 0
Fund one Next Step class in a new venue with coaching staff for 4 terms (32 weekprogram) supporting 6children that otherwise wouldn’t have theopportunity.
$ 0
Could fund one part-timeOccupational Therapistfor one state, or could fund “NSW Next Step SchoolHub Program’ providing 4 x 10 week programs to school communities across NSW supporting 64 children
$ 0
Help launch Next Stepinterstate and secure 1 year of classes, equipment costs, coaching wages, jerseys and venue hire across 3 locations supporting 18 children
$ 0
Growing interstate classes in 5 venues supporting 30- 35 children, or fund two part-timeOccupational Therapists(for NSW and SA)
$ 0
Help expand Next Step in NSW by increasing number of classes and venues by 10 for 12 months, supporting 70 children.
$ 0
Could establish the Next StepProgram in 10 locations in Victoria and 10 locations in QLD, supporting 120 children for one year and providing children with an opportunity that they are not currently offered.
$ 0

Phone Scam Alert!

Please be advised we have become aware of a scam where customers have been called by an individual claiming to be a representative of Next Step Foundation. During the call the customers have been asked to donate money or provide banking details. Next Step Foundation does not engage in cold calling as we have ethical fund-raising practices outside of the scope of cold calling.

Here’s what to do if you are affected:
If you receive one of these calls, please do not supply any of your banking details and immediately end the call.
If you have already received one of these calls and you have valuable information about this fraudulent activity, please contact us on:

Phone: +61 4 11 813 540
Email: [email protected]